Meet poor crippled old man who cures diseases by smoking weed


Effanga Francis Umoh believes in putting in hard work as opposed to begging or any form of negative behaviour.

In Calabar, Cross River State, a crippled waste collector, Effanga Francis Umoh, has found better result from smoking weed.

An elderly Umoh told Vanguard News that he has had no reason to visit the hospital due to a consumption of the drug substance.

This has saved him from the challenge of visiting the hospital – a venture that will have cost money he does not have in abundance.

He survives on payment made to him by market women who have been serviced by his waste disposal activity.

Umoh had an air of pride while describing his dedication to his occupation despite hindrances caused by his physical challenge. He attributed it as a personality common with individuals from his ethnic group.

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“I am an Efik man and we do not beg for alms in any circumstance because we are a proud nation.

“So I will rather work than bring shame to my people,” says Umoh who was captured sitting on the floor in a picture.

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