Let’s treasure our military personnel


Let’s treasure our military personnel

Let’s treasure our military personnel                                                                              IT is about time the government and people of Nigeria began to value more positively the men and women who wear the uniforms of the Nigerian Armed Forces and Police, standing ever ready to serve the nation unto death, if necessary.

There is no nobler a gesture that a citizen can undertake than to volunteer to defend his or her nation with their lives.

From now henceforth, whenever we see the military ladies peddling the rosettes that go on “sale” as the annual countdown to the January 15 Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day, let us show our love and solidarity not only by purchasing these symbolic rosettes with any amount we can afford, we should also say words of encouragement to them to show appreciation and solidarity.

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It is always a huge psychological booster to those who fight the enemies of the country under rain, shine and every kind of weather while we sleep in the comfort of our homes.

From now henceforth, we should see the military beyond the abuses some of their misguided officers sometimes subject members of the public to which make viral entries into the social media.

We should also see them beyond the unpatriotic and unprofessional manners in which some of our political leaders deploy or fail to them, apparently to favour one group against the other. We must join hands to fight the evils that these elements that do no mean well for the country use the military to perpetrate.

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But we should never for a moment forget that at the end of the day, we cannot do without our military and they cannot do without us.

Our military personnel come from among us. They are our brothers and sisters; they belong to us and can never be parted from us. As the elders say, you cannot cut off the elbow because it looks ugly.

Rather than spend too much time and energy emphasising the negative sides of the activities of our military, we as a people and as a nation should continue to explore ways of modernising the military, increasing their professional competence through training and retraining, boosting and modernising their fighting equipments, assisting them with relevant information and intelligence in their respective theatres of operation and rewarding or honouring them when they achieve victories.

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We must no longer joke with their general welfare. We must never again neglect to pay retired personnel their entitlements. And when, unfortunately, any of them falls in the line of duty as so often happens, we must put pressure on government to cater adequately for their widows and orphans. When we cater adequately for the needs of our military and show them appreciation, they will be glad to defend us and justify their heroic calling.

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